As exporters, we, ROKKAMINT, are constantly raising the bar and pushing our boundaries to offer our clients, products and services that are as diverse and unique as they are of the highest standards imaginable. The items offered by us meet the most basic needs of specific customers. Our product range comprises top of the line items such as Granites Slabs, Tiles and Monuments, but these are only the fraction of what we actually offer as the list is prolific and long.

Having started our business organization in the year 2013, in Bagalkot (Karnataka, India), we have made our global presence felt with the high quality standards followed by us and timely delivery which translates into saving client’s resources. For our consistent services we have been accredited with recurring clientele base.

Logistics – Warehousing and Packaging

As exporters logistics is a very significant area of our overall business procedure. We have an excellent logistics system that comprises integration of shipping, inventory, warehousing, packaging, security and particular requirements of specific products. Our logistics system is a supply chain network with many time-saving essentials that goes beyond just getting from Point A to Point B safely.

We offer packaging that eliminates any scope of damage to the item as it is moved in the warehouse. To maximize the storage capacity of a warehouse we have developed our packaging so that the items can be stored easily on pallets. Our packaging is designed in such a manner that it not only protects the item from damage, but also is also light enough to minimize shipping costs. Packaging offered by us safeguards the item from environmental damage, such as extreme temperatures, water damage, contamination with other goods etc.


Agra Red Sandstone Packing


Container Stuffing-01


Container Stuffing-02


Gangsaw Granite Slabs Stuffed in Container


Packaging Box-02


Packaging Box-03


Packaging Box-04


Sandstone Packing


There are various factors that have made us a globally renowned exporter with unparalleled track record. Some of these are:

  • Timely delivery
  • Excellent packaging
  • Superb logistic facility
  • Most reliable vendor base
  • We offer a prolific range of products
  • Maintain a consistent high quality standard that matches global best

What We Do

We are Co-excavators, Processors and Exporters.

  • First and foremost we keep a careful check over customer needs, accept their feedback positively and constantly work on that
  • We source our products from most reliable vendors/manufacturers
  • The products offered by us comprises various Granites, Marbles, Sandstones, Limestones in the form of Tiles, Random Slabs, Cutter Slabs, Gangsaw Slabs, Project based Cut to size tiles or slabs
  • We supply our product range to clients spread across industry verticals.
  • We are supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility comprising quality testing unit, market research facility, cutting edge warehousing and packaging unit and refined logistics facility

Quality Assurance

It is the high quality standard followed by us that has helped us to establish our distinct identity in the face of stiff global competition. We are fortunate to be associated with miners and few manufacturers that identify with our high standards. Some of the features in our quality assessment endeavors are:

  • We have our own quality monitoring facility
  • Quality of product is checked on such parameters as high end superior polishing of slabs, prevention of chipped edges, proper thickness all over the length of the slabs, top end packaging to ensure protection against damage.
  • We ensure maintenance of the same high standards among our manufacturing units.

Social Responsibility

We believe we owe our success to society and must give back manifold more to make a difference in the ecosystem we live in. As a believer of corporate social responsibility we have been guided by our concern for the environment and people at large.